Senior Patrol Leader

The Senior Patrol Leader is the senior youth leader for the Troop. He must hold at least the rank of Star Scout, have been a member of the Troop for at least one year, and possess the Scoutmaster‘s recommendation. The Senior Patrol Leader will be chosen annually from Scouts nominated by the Troop.

The Senior Patrol Leader is responsible for: 

  • meeting regularly with the Scoutmaster to ensure the overall program is being carried out,
  • conducting the monthly planning meetings with the ASPLs and other senior Scout staff
  • overseeing that the overall Scouting program is effectively communicated to the Scouts,
  • serving as the chairman of the Junior Staff Council,
  • conducting troop meetings (with the assistance of the ASPL and the JASM),
  • preparing and conducting troop camp programs,
  • conducting monthly uniform inspections,
  • the discipline and conduct of the troop.