2012 Service

Congrats to Troop 919!

We had enough scouts show up for 3 separate weekends during 2012 and provide their valuable time and energy for some service projects at Firestone Campground (located on the ouskirts of Brea, CA). By volunteering for over 20 service hours at the campsite for special projects over those 3 weekends, the troop is one of only 3 troops that have earned the right to post a gravestone in the famous "Boot Hill" this year.

Weekend 1 - March 23/25, 2012

The crew

A committed group, we didn't know what we were getting into. The staff at Firestone asked us to continue working on a new nature trail that another group had started on an earlier weekend. a few dozen feet had been cut into the hillside, and we were supposed to continue the trail in a similar fashion. But with the hard workers we had, and especially one extra Eagle scout from Troop 919's past, we completed over a quarter mile of trail in a single weekend!

Where is everyone? Enjoying the work

Weekend 2 - September 15/16, 2012


One of the other weekend projects was during a summertime heatwave. The few scouts that braved the 105 degree heat for hard labor managed to complete a sturdy set of steps for the very same nature trail we started the first weekend. (At this point, we started referring to the trail as 'ours'.)

Hard Working Crew Now THAT's a big saw!

Weekend 3 - December 15/16, 2012

Hard Working Crew The weather was incredibly cold, but the threat of rain never materialized. With only 9 scouts and 4 parent/leaders, we completed 2 of the 3 Boot Hill projects that Firestone wanted to accomplish - a fence separating 'our' nature trail from Boot Hill, and a faux mine entrance. We worked until dark, and managed to complete our 20 hour commitment for the year. Before